Having Trouble Accessing Your Account?

Before reaching out to the Scholarship Office

Please review the following:

Common Issues and Solutions :

  • Do not use your Sac State email or Sac State ID number. If you have already tried to sign in 3 times and failed, it will cause your account to be locked for 30 minutes. You will need to wait for 30 minutes to try again. Scholarship Office cannot unlock your account; you must wait!
  • Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) is not fully compatible with our Scholarship Portal. For optimal compatibility, sign in using any newer browser, for example, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.
  • Please Review Your Keyboard: (1) Please check CAP lock was not turned on by accident. (2) If you have a number pad on your keyboard and use it to type in numbers, please ensure it is not turned off. (3) Please review and test your keyboard switches for a response. Dust or small objects between the keys of the keyboard can cause a switch not to work correctly.

My reference is a CSUS faculty/staff member at Sac State, but they are having trouble signing in or seeing my reference upload.

  • Please review your application and verify that you are using the CSUS faculty/staff correct @csus.edu email and that there are no typos.
  • As of November 2022: CSUS Faculty/staff can log into the scholarship portal using their MySacState account. If they are unable to see your reference request. Please email the scholarship office your name, student ID, and email, and provide the faculty/staff name in the email for review at scholarshipFAQs@csus.edu to assist.

Having Trouble Accessing Your Account?

For EXTERNAL Reference or Reviewer Only

  • If you have not received an invitation email or cannot remember your password, please enter your email address below and click Recover Password. You will receive an email instructing you to set a new password.

CSUS EMPLOYEE serving as a Reference or Reviewer

  • MySacState Login information is now tied to the scholarship portal.
  • Please sign in under the “Applicants and Administrators” tab.
  • If you still have an issue logging into the portal, please email scholarshipFAQs@csus.edu for review.
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