(Special Process) Fannie Foster Research

This scholarship is inteded to support CSUS students who are part of the Cooper-Woodson College Enhancement Program

-Minimum GPA 2.5
-Class level Undergrad
-must be enrolled in at least half time at time of application (spring) and at time of award (spring) and the following fall semester
-Criteria includes:
Acceptance in Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program
Enrollment in Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program at time of application and during award time
Fulfillment of course in special mentoring by Cooper Woodson mentor during semester concurrent with application
Submission of Letter of Recommendation from Cooper Woodson mentor
Submit 5-6 page proposal including annotated bibliography for viable research project OR 5-6 page proposal for creative project (dance, drama, spoken word, etc. or a work of art (musical composition, literary composition, painting, sculpture, etc) to be undertaken during 2 semesters following announcement of award.

Additional criteria for 2nd half of award include:
-Submit written progress reports at end of first term
-Continued enrollment in Cooper Woodson College Enhancement Program
-Continued progress toward graduation
-Recipient must agree to present his/her findings in 2-page written report and orally at an event sponsored by Cooper Woodson during semester following receipt of second half of award.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Submit a letter of recommendation from your Cooper-Woodson mentor