International Student Fee Waiver program

The International Student Fee Waiver Program waives a portion of non-resident tuition for international students. This program is available to international students only. For additional information, please contact IPGE by email at Frequently Asked Questions concerning this program can be found at

Fee waivers are awarded in one unit increments. Each one unit international student fee waiver will reduce your tuition by $420 per unit awarded. Students must maintain full time enrollment (12 units for undergraduate/9 units for graduate) throughout the academic year to remain eligible for the fee waiver. Fee Waivers can be revoked for dropping below full time or otherwise failing to maintain full time enrollment. Government sponsored students, exchange students, and non-degree students are not eligible for an International Student
Fee Waiver.

The International Fee Waiver Committee will consider the following criteria when reviewing grant applications:
•Current F-1 and J-1 students enrolled full-time in a Sacramento State degree program;
•Record of academic excellence (minimum GPA 3.3);
•Financial need

The International Fee Wavier Committee, composed of CSUS faculty and staff, reviews and considers all application materials. The committee will make award decisions based on published award criteria. All award decisions are final.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you applied for any government-funded financial aid programs approved by the US government? If yes, please specify the programs you have applied for and provide details of your application status.
  2. Have you worked on-campus at Sac State? If yes, please provide details of the positions you have applied for and the status of it.
  3. How do you believe your financial circumstances have influenced your academic and personal development?
  4. How do you intend to balance your academic responsibilities with any on-campus employment commitments?
  5. Reflecting on your extracurricular and voluntary experiences, how do you envision contributing to the campus community if awarded this scholarship?
  6. If you are a new student, you have provided financial affidavait confirming securing funding to study. Please justify why you are applying for this international tuition fee waiver?
  7. Describe any significant voluntary work you have undertaken, emphasizing the impact it has had on your community or organization and provide details of work with documentary evidence (such as certificates, letters of recommendation, or photographs) to support your involvement in extracurricular activities and voluntary work.
  8. Have you secured on-campus employment for the upcoming academic year? If yes, please specify the position and provide documentation of your employment confirmation.
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