Hornet Horns Brass Quintet Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship is intended to further develop students that have outstanding skills in music through participation in an ensemble within the School of Music.

Scholarship Renewable – Student recipients may receive the scholarship for up to four (4) years. The student must reapply for consideration each year and meet the specified eligibility criteria.

Hornet Horns Brass Quintet Audition
Guidelines and Requirements
Membership in the Hornet Horns Brass Quintet will be awarded based on auditions in front of a committee comprised of at least two faculty members from the brass area of the School of Music, the faculty director of the Hornet Horns Brass Quintet and preferably the studio instructor of the auditioning instrument. If the studio instructor is not able to attend they will listen to a recording of the audition. The audition will be recorded regardless.

Auditions for the Hornet Horns Brass Quintet are open to any undergraduate music major, or incoming freshman music student planning to attend Sacramento State, whose primary area of studio instruction is an instrument needed for the brass quintet (trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba or
bass trombone). Students must be taking lessons in their primary area of studio instruction while in the Hornet Horns Brass Quintet.

Audition requirements include:
• Two minutes of a solo of your choice
• Two audition pieces of contrasting nature to be played with members of the Quintet. (Music will be chosen before the audition and sent to those auditioning prior to the
• Sight-reading

Participation in the Hornet Horns Brass Quintet is for a one year term. Students may participate in the ensemble for up to four years, and will be held to the same audition standards each time. If a student fails to meet the scholarship requirements, and/or the challenges and demands of the ensemble, the student may be asked to re-audition for the ensemble as decided in agreement between the ensemble director and the student’s studio instructor. In such an instance, the student may potentially lose his or her place in the ensemble and the corresponding scholarship awarded.

If a student switches majors, instrument focus, or degree programs while still under the Hornet Horns Brass Quintet scholarship, the student may be asked to forfeit his or her position in the ensemble and the corresponding scholarship.

When a position in the ensemble becomes vacant or if a member of the ensemble is asked to re-audition, information on the opening/audition will be sent by e-mail to all current and incoming students on the appropriate instrument a minimum of three weeks prior to the scheduled audition dates.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you participating in the Hornet Horns Brass Quintet