George Bramson *SPECIAL*

George Bramson Memorial Award in Historic Preservation: An award to honor achievement in the field of historic preservation in Northern California by CSUS students. George Bramson was a noted historic preservation activist in Sacramento.

*Open to Student who meets the following requirement: *

  • Juniors, Seniors, or Classified Graduates
  • History, Art or Related Discipline
  • Enrolled, no minimum requirement at the time of application

Submit Project for review by the Scholarship committee. The projects should have been completed as part of a program of study while enrolled at CSUS. Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • A project for an official nomination for the national, state or local historical register.
  • A paper or thesis tracing the history of a single historic structure or site.
  • A paper or thesis examining the historical context of a group, class, or district of historic resources.
  • A project for an official proposal for an historic marker (state or federal).
  • A paper or thesis examining some aspect of historic preservation law or policy.
  • A mural or other work of art depicting a local historical event or group to be exhibited in a public space.
  • An art and/or history exhibit exploring issues or events relevant to historic preservation.
  • A construction or art project in historic preservation

Supplemental Questions
  1. Please submit a Historic preservation related Project, Thesis, and Mural for Scholarship Committee Review