Chevron MEP & SHPE Scholarship

Scholarship awards for MEP Honors Program participants, or SHPE members pursuing a major, minor, or graduate degree in any Computer, Information Technology Program, or Geography information systems.

- Minimum GPA: 3.0 Overall GPA
- Major: Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering
- Be a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or a classified graduate
- Be enrolled full time at the time of award and application

Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have a minimum of one membership in a technical society or extra curricular activity (ex. Society of Women Engineers, Fraternity/Sorority, etc.)
  2. Have you had a minimum of one energy related intermship OR non-technical work experience?
  3. Have you had a minimum of one leadership role in a technical sociaety ot extra-curricular activity (ex. Societiy of Women Engineer, Fraternity/Sorority, etc.)?
  4. Have you had a minimum of one technical internship related to field of study?